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sexy spiritual relationship

Meet your hosts Al and Pala in this video:

We've practiced Tantric sex since 1987 and taught sacred sex and conscious relationships since 1997. We can help you learn how to create love for a lifetime together, to have a passionate, fulfilling sex life, and to use your relationship as a spiritual practice leading to Enlightenment for Two™. More about Al and Pala . . .

"Al and Pala teach couples how to have the best sex of their lives."

The Sex Files  – “Better Sex Series"
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Kama Sutra Course Kama Sutra Home Study Course: This home study program which includes videos, audios, and articles, teaches you the spectacular lovemaking practices from the most widely renowned sex guide of all time, the ancient Indian manual The Kama Sutra

Tantra Course Tantra Home Study Course: Our Tantra Home Study Course gives you a detailed 28 day plan with step by step instructions that will enable you to graduate from ordinary sex to ecstatic sex within as little as one month.

Ask Al and Pala Ask Al and Pala: Every week Al and Pala answer questions about sex, relationships, Tantra, the Kama Sutra, whatever members want to know the answers to. Answers are presented in both video and written form. Join us and ask your questions!

Exercise of the Week Exercise of the Week: Learn to awaken body, mind, heart and soul with a different exercise each week. Some you'll do on your own, others you'll do with a partner.

Position of the Week Position of the Week: Spice up your lovelife with our positions of the week drawn from some of the greatest lovemaking manuals of all time, the Kama Sutra, the Ananga Ranga, and the Perfumed Garden. Each position is accompanied by concise instructions and a beautiful full color photo.



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Creating love that lasts a lifetime together is the gold in the Olympics of life. Relationship happiness is not that difficult to create. You do need to learn a few things, and perhaps unlearn a few other things, but of course you can do this—anyone who really wants to learn how to be in a relationship that satisfies through and through, and lasts a lifetime can do so. More...

Al was graced with an enlightenment experience in January 2008, a culmination of almost 40 years of spiritual quest. It was transmitted into Pala within minutes. This is what we are naming Enlightenment for Two™. Our relationship has been our spiritual practice for over 20 years that we have been together, and the primary form of that spiritual practice has been sacred sexuality (Tantric and Taoist). This is a unique spiritual path because two people can undertake the journey together, compared with most other spiritual practices that are done alone. More...




For over 20 years Pala and Al have used their relationship as their spiritual practice and the primary form of that practice has been sacred sex (Tantric and Taoist). Tantra is a unique spiritual path because it insists that direct personal experience with the Divine, knowing that you are God/Goddess-Shiva/Shakti; merging ultimately with the Creator - enlightenment, is possible for any ordinary man and woman who have the courage to commit to each other, and undertake the effort to learn how to create love for a lifetime together. More...

Sex is good. Pleasure is good. It is almost guaranteed that if you are regularly giving and receiving pleasure and having great sex with someone you love, that you will be a happy person. If you are going to be good at something, sex is a good thing to be good at. Why settle for being an average lover when with a bit of guidance, direction and learning, you could be a great one?  More . . . 

Content is added continually. Watch for more videos, forums, teleseminars, and sexy spiritual products.

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Scenario 1 – New Love

Your relationship is meaningful and rich. You are in love. You have good sex, communicate well and are in touch with your feelings. But will this all last?  More . . .

Scenario 2 – Bad Love

Your relationship has become stale and the passion has gone out of it. You find yourself doubting your commitment to stay together. You have lost touch with your love and wonder if your partner still loves you. Can you find your passion again? More . . .

Scenario 3 – Spiritual Quest

Life is good, but however good that is you still know inside “This can’t be all there is. There has to be more.” The longing you feel is a spiritual hunger. More . . .

No matter what your relationship situation, you’ll find the answers you’re seeking here.

With our broad range of material we appeal to all learning styles.


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Video selections are excellent for those members who like to learn visually. These files are generally presented streaming with Adobe Flash. Important video content includes a series of instructional videos illustrating the lovemaking practices from the Kama Sutra.

Home Study Courses

Learn the arts of love and relationship at your own pace, in your own home. With a combination of text, audio, and video our home study courses  give you the whole picture!

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