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About Us

Your Hosts: Al Link and Pala Copeland

We are your hosts Al Link and Pala Copeland. We have been studying forms of sacred sexuality since 1987 and teaching others since 1997. We have had 4 books published and have worked with hundreds of couples over the last decade. This is what we do full time in creating a life together and in earning a living together. We know the issues couples face in trying to find inner peace, create a relationship that satisfies through and through and remains passionate for a lifetime together, while balancing the demands of extremely busy lives with time for each other, children and family, work, play, health, and spiritual practice.

We walk the talk. We have created and continuously re-create our own sexy spiritual relationship. We are happy within ourselves and in our lives together. We intend to grow old together. Our relationship is full of passion, we freely give and receive love, we have a wonderful happy family (six children and 8 grandchildren), our health is excellent, and we continue to have the best sex of our lives even after over 20 years together, and in spite of the fact that Al was born in 1945 and Pala in 1950.

We have learned not only how to do this but also how to help other couples learn how to do what we do. We can teach you how to have the best sex of your lives, how to remain happy together for as long as you live, and to create love for a lifetime together. This is not an idle boast or a marketing pitch. We have a well established track record of working with other couples just like you. We have saved many a marriage.

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 We have discovered that if you get the sex right, most of the rest of your relationship issues can be worked out much more easily. The reason for this is because to get the sex right you have to do your inner spiritual healing. But there is so much more than great sex, and there is even much more than sacred sex. There is a new spiritual path for couples. We call it Enlightenment for Two™.

Al was blessed with an enlightenment experience in January 2008 and within minutes passed it to Pala. We offer you guidance in your spiritual quest for enlightenment. Enlightenment for Two™ is a unique spiritual path because two traverse the path together, hand in hand, arm in arm. Your spiritual practice does not have to split you apart, as we have seen happen so frequently with couples, when one undertakes a spiritual practice and leaves the other behind. You do not have to undertake your spiritual quest alone. We will help you discover how to create your own Enlightenment for Two™.

We are blazing a new trail, never before navigated by anyone. We are like Hansel and Gretel, leaving a trail of crumbs for others to follow into the wilderness of the Divine mystery. If you prefer to accompany other fellow travelers, please join us by taking out a membership today. This is not for everyone, but if you dare to embrace your greatness, if you understand that perfection is not the absence of flaws, but rather going forward simultaneously flawed and wonderful, then by all means come aboard. Join us on our magical mystery tour into the farthest reaches of human consciousness and then beyond into abundance, wonder, joy and love.



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