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Position of the Week Preview


Position of the Week Preview

aKama Sutra position

Pressed - Utpiditaka

Pressed Position

In the Kama Sutra Pressed position, you squat or kneel in front of her, as she lies on her back with her knees bent and her feet pressed flat against your chest. A good degree of flexibility is needed to hold this pose comfortably for any length of time. Neither of you has much range of movement, but she’s especially confined, particularly if you’re leaning the weight of your upper body heavily against her feet. 
Some women are really turned on by the sense of containment the Pressed position brings. They love the feeling of utter surrender to their masterful lover. But for many others that thrill of captivity needs to be tempered with the knowledge that they’re safe and respected. So, focus your attention on your feelings for her, not just your physical sensations, and let your reverence show in your eyes. Softly speak her name and tell her how magnificent she is.

As you squat in front of her, grasp each other by the arms and use them for leverage as you move together in gentle thrusting rhythm—your pelvises rocking together, your chest and her feet pushing in time to love’s music. Let her have some control—she can set the pace and use the strength of her legs to push you back to just the right distance.

Experiment too with this variation: you kneel in front of her, spreading your legs wide, and as she draws her knees towards her breasts, you grasp her buttocks and raise them to nestle against your thighs. You’ll be able to penetrate her more deeply. Reach down with one hand to tickle her inner thighs, her groin creases, and, of course, her tingling clitoris. When done with skill and affection the Pressed pose awakens an amazing connection between captor and captive.

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Excerpted from Al and Pala's Complete Idiot's Guide to Supercharged Kama Sutra

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Photograph by Eric Levin