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Relationship Happiness


Creating love that lasts a lifetime together is the gold in the Olympics of life. Relationship happiness is not that difficult to create. You do need to learn a few things, and perhaps unlearn a few other things, but of course you can do this—anyone who really wants to learn how to be in a relationship that satisfies through and through, and lasts a lifetime can do so.

What you need is a relationship tool box offering a selection of tools, practices, techniques and methods with which you will, together—in loving partnership, construct your relationship arc, a sanctuary, a solid foundation from which you can engage the outside world; feeling safe, secure and confident regardless of the challenges you face in your work, community, and extended family.

At this website you will find a necessary, complete and sufficient toolbox with which any couple can create love that lasts a lifetime together.





Examples of Relationship Happiness Content

Learn to create love that lasts a lifetime with our articles, audios, and videos that focus on how you can have a loving, fulfilling relationships. And, if you want some personal advice, contact Pala and Al, or check out one of our Featured Experts.


Ask Al and Pala

Al and Pala answer your questions about relationships and how to make them fabulous: communication questions, sex questions, commitment questions. You ask it, we’ll answer.

Each week we’ll post the answer to one of your questions in a combined video and written format. Click here for this week’s question and answer.


The Heart Talk

We created the Heart Talk many years ago and have been teaching others how to use it since 1997, with great results. Couples we work with use the process to quickly and permanently fix all sorts of difficulties that have been spoiling their relationship happiness. You can do the same by following the simple instructions presented here.

To help you thoroughly understand the Heart Talk process we’ve included instructions in text and in 36 minutes of video presented in 7 shorter segments.


100 Ways to Keep your Lover

We have distilled the essence of nurturing relationship, keeping monogamy hot, and sustaining passionate romance into 100 sexy activities you can implement immediately. We tell you exactly what to do. All of these ideas and activities are quite simple, but some of them may challenge you to push your envelope, to go beyond your current comfort zone.

All that we recommend here are things we actually do in our own relationship to keep it fun, hot and steamy. As you continue your journey together, let your love shine, let your greatness out, dare to be outrageously creative in your sacred loving.


Radio Interviews

Over the years, Al and Pala have appeared on many radio shows, from Playboy Radio to CBC Canada to Internet series like Wisdom Today and Sex, Love and Intimacy.

Get the benefit of their relationships knowledge as you listen to these interviews. Topics include: "Tantra and Relationships,"  "Becoming Fit for Relationships" and more.


Excerpts from Articles

The Four Freedoms

The desire to love someone through and through and to be loved that way in return, for a lifetime, burns in almost every heart. Although we are all truly worthy of such love, it is not something that will usually happen by itself. A superb relationship, one that satisfies and stimulates to the core, is an extraordinary accomplishment, comparable to supreme achievement in realms of business, the arts, science, and sports. Such relationships are rare not because people lack the capacity for loving but because they don’t know how to make the shift from falling in love to sustaining that love over many years by creating and recreating it again and again.

You might believe that continuously creating love is an impossibly daunting task. Perhaps you’ve been through painful unions before, and your heart is battered and broken. Or your present relationship, although comfortable, has become just a little boring, stuck in a rut of mundane sameness. Then again, you might be at the outset of a wondrous romance and only slightly haunted by a niggling suspicion that your passion will eventually fade. Whatever your present circumstances, do not allow preconceptions and fears to impede your heart’s aspirations. Living a lifelong, passionate, and intimate union is not a complicated undertaking. On the contrary, it is quite simple and well within your abilities. The fundamental requirement? Rediscover and reunite your Four Freedoms: Body, Mind, Heart, and Soul. These Four Freedoms are the essence of human nature, yours and everyone else’s.  More . . .