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Relationship Scenarios

Scenario 1 – New Love
 Your relationship is meaningful and rich. You are in love. You have good sex, communicate well and are in touch with your feelings. You are beginning to follow some spiritual path and are serious about personal growth. You want to become all you can be; the acorn is ready to become a full bloom oak tree, beautiful and glorious. You plan to grow old together. But, you have a nagging suspicion that this goodness can’t last. The passion will cool, the love will fade and you will start taking each other for granted.

You are both already stretched to the limit with the many demands of your busy lives including children (perhaps a child is on the way or you already have one or several young ones), family and work responsibilities. You love all of these things, but there just is not enough time to do everything that you want to do and that needs doing. Money is tight and a source of stress between you, one of the few things you disagree about and even occasionally argue about—but the arguments are quite civilized, and you usually make love afterwards and that is wonderful as usual.

You are already thinking about getting older, and the many different choices you could have made about what to do with your life, and who you could have done them with. You have a few minor health challenges, nothing major or serious, just annoying. Many of your friends are already divorced, and they seem to be having the time of their lives, running around free and easy—although secretly you wonder if they are really as happy as they let on, while some of them are openly hostile, angry and unhappy with themselves and their lives.

You are determined to do better, to do it right, to make your relationship last, nay, to make it thrive, to be really happy and fulfilled with each other. You realize that you need to learn some new knowledge and skill about relationship happiness, not to mention a healthy mature sexuality. You are reading some books on these subjects. You have heard about Tantra and the Kama Sutra, and you are curious, but a bit shy about it all. You want to be a great lover, not just average. You really want to do it for each other, to make the earth tremble and shake when you come together.

You want to give your children everything, the best chance possible to become happy and successful. You believe that one of the most important things you can do for your children is to model a happy relationship in which both of you are sexually fulfilled and spiritually growing. Taking time for each other; openly showing affection; allowing your children to know that you are sexually active and sexually fulfilled, is an important and essential aspect of helping them to learn how to create the same for themselves as they mature into young adults.

You know that the best of your life is yet to come and you are prepared to work toward learning on a path of personal, professional and spiritual growth. You want to undertake this learning journey with your partner. Enlightenment for Two™ sounds intriguing indeed. You want to learn primarily from the comfort of your own home from teachers and mentors you can trust; people who have a track record of successfully helping others learn to be all they can be. You are looking for a multi-media curriculum including a balance between sexuality, sacred sexuality, and spirituality. You want the presentation to be mature, adult, tasteful, respectful and explicit without being sleazy. You want video in addition to audio and text materials. You want the material sequenced over a period of time that fits with your busy demanding schedule, so you will not get frustrated, drop behind and quit prematurely. You want a curriculum that balances body, mind, heart and soul. You want a curriculum that makes it possible to apply what you learn immediately to see some quick results, but you want to be able to go on learning for the rest of your life.

You have come to the right place. The best is yet to come. This website presents all that you could need or want to accomplish all of these things that are so important in your lives together.

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Scenario 2 – Bad Love

Your relationship has become stale and the passion has gone out of it. You find yourself doubting your commitment to stay together. The relationship has become hard work and the benefits are few and far between. You have lost touch with your love and wonder if your partner still loves you. The sex has become repetitive, predictable and boring, or even worse, painful and embarrassing. In fact it is rapidly dwindling to no sex at all—and a part of you is actually relieved at that! When you do have sex it is fast sex (10-15 minutes start to finish) with little or no emotional connection and devoid of spiritual value.

You are both so busy with the many demands of your busy lives that you can’t remember the last time you spent 4 hours or more just paying attention to each other as lovers. Everything else has become more important than your relationship, including the kids, work, and shamefully, even watching television! You may also be dealing with some serious health challenges, but you know that you are too young for that to be happening already. By the end of a busy day, you both drop exhausted into bed and hope the other one will just go to sleep and not expect any sexual performance because you simply have nothing left to give them except frustration and disappointment.

Possibly one or both of you have already had an affair. You wonder about the dangers of STDs and if your partner has been careful, or you are feeling guilty knowing that you have not been so careful. You realize that unprotected sex means that you are sleeping with everyone your partner has ever slept with, and you have no idea of who are how many that may have been. Nevertheless, you feel somewhat powerless to resist the temptation of an affair because it offers a bit of quick excitement, pleasure and comes with none of the emotional, psychological and spiritual baggage attached to your marriage (or relationship with your current partner).

You are feeling overwhelmed, unattractive, and unlovable, at the breaking point with frustration, alienation, isolation and loneliness. You are feeling angry most of the time, about everything, and about nothing at all. You are constantly judging your partner for all the faults you perceive them to have—but even knowing this is mostly just projection from yourself onto them and that it is unfair to them, you can’t seem to help yourself.

You are arguing frequently, and the personal attacks during your arguments are escalating. You are feeling more and more powerless to turn things around and do not know where to begin. You are becoming numb to your feelings, feeling less and less, other than the anger, and find yourself wondering if you will ever again feel excited, aroused and sexually turned on by your life partner. You are becoming desperate to find something to help you try to turn this around before it is to late.

Could the best of your life already be over? NO! Definitely not! You can turn this around. That is what we can help you do with a membership at this website.

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Scenario 3 – Spiritual Quest

“Only as high as I reach can I grow, only as far as I seek can I go, only as deep as I look can I see, only as much as I dream can I be.”

Our Inward Journey by Karen Ravn, Hallmark 1979

Life is good, but however good that is (even really, really, really good), you still know inside “This can’t be all there is. There has to be more.” Not more fame and fortune. Not more money, sex and power. Not more success, accomplishment, recognition and status. As wonderful as these things are they can’t fill that need you feel gnawing away at you from a place deep inside yourself. The longing you feel is a spiritual hunger.

You know you have a mind and that you think, but you are not your thoughts, not your mind. You have a body. Pleasure and sex are good, but you are not your body. You feel love, but you are not your feelings. You have a personality, but you are not your personality. You are not your beliefs, assumptions, perception, feelings or thoughts. You are not the roles you play in life: man, woman, child, adult, son, daughter, father, mother, husband, wife, citizen, teacher, guru, boss, employee, leader, follower, artist, super star, famous person, powerful person, powerless person, poor person, rich person, beautiful person, popular person, outcast, sick, healthy, smart, ignorant, educated, uneducated, etc.

None of these things can account for your true self; none of these things can contain your true self. Your essence is not limited to any or even to all of this. If all of these things are taken away, and they will be taken away—nothing in this world lasts and no one gets out of life alive; if all of that vanishes, what is left of you? You ask yourself: “Where am I in all of this?”

This is a pivotal point in your life. Once you open this door, there is no turning back. You are now asking the big questions, the fundamental questions:

  • Who am I?

  • What is ego?

  • What is the soul?

  • Why am I here?

  • What is my purpose in life?

  • Why do I do anything?

  • What ultimately matters to me?

  • How can I make a true and lasting contribution to the world?

  • What does it mean to follow my bliss?

  • Where did I come from?

  • Where do I return?

  • What is death?

  • What comes after death?

  • What is peace of mind that passeth all understanding?

  • Is happiness possible?

  • What is good?

  • What is love?

  • What is holy?

  • What is real?

  • What is evil?

  • Is there a solution to fear, pain and suffering in the world?

  • Is there greatness in me?

  • What is destiny?

  • What is fate?

  • What is karma?

  • What is character? Am I a person of character?

  • What are good and bad decisions and choices?

  • How can I be all that I was meant to be?

  • What are my rights and responsibilities and freedoms in this body, in this world, in this lifetime?

  • How do I reclaim my freedom?

  • What is surrender—surrender to what, surrender to whom?

  • Is anything absolute?

  • What is God?

  • What is illumination, liberation, realization, awakening, nirvana, Samadhi, moksha, enlightenment?

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Watch your thoughts, for they become words.

Watch your words, for they become actions.
Watch your actions, for they become habits.
Watch your habits, for they become character.
Watch your character, for it becomes your destiny.

Author unknown

Come to the edge.

We might fall.
Come to the edge.
It’s too high!
And they came,
and he pushed,
and they flew.

(Christopher Logue – English Poet 1926-)