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Sacred Sex: Tantric and Taoist Lovemaking

For over 20 years Pala and Al have used their relationship as their spiritual practice and the primary form of that practice has been sacred sex (Tantric and Taoist). Tantra is a unique spiritual path because it insists that direct personal experience with the Divine, knowing that you are God/Goddess-Shiva/Shakti; merging ultimately with the Creator--enlightenment, is possible for any ordinary man and woman who have the courage to commit to each other, and undertake the effort to learn how to create love for a lifetime together.

On the Tantric spiritual path, you do not escape the body and the world. The body and ordinary reality are not your enemies, but rather your freedoms. In Tantra you use your body, mind, heart and soul, as well as the entire world known to you through your faculties of perceiving, feeling and thinking, as important, essential and necessary tools to help you remember who you really are, to remember your divine nature, to awaken and to realize enlightenment.

At this website we will help you learn how to create three important kinds of sex.
  • FRICTION sex in which bodies rub against each other with pleasure, desire, delight, and passion.

  • ENERGY sex in which two hearts open to welcome and embrace giving and receiving a sublime, warm, safe and caring love.

  • SOUL sex in which the boundaries that normally separate you from each other dissolve completely, so that you cannot tell where one body ends and the other begins, and you find yourself wondering, “Whose orgasm was that anyway?” In soul sex, two merge to become one. This is sexual/spiritual ecstasy—the reuniting of sex and spirit, heaven and earth.




Examples of Sacred Sex Content 

Sacred sex, including Tantric and Taoist approaches, is a legitimate spiritual practice leading ultimately all the way to enlightenment. Learn the lovemaking techniques of the ancient masters. Give your body more pleasure as you open your heart and free your spirit.


Tantra Sex Step By Step Home Study Course

This 28 day program will transform your lovemaking, your relationship, and your life with extensive video and article content. Learn in the comfort of your own home at your own rate -- people love our homework!



Meditation Series: Learn to work with your sexual energy!

Examples of Meditation Audios

  • Sexual Fire Breath
  • Passion Pump






Excerpts from Articles

Can Sex and Spirit Go Together?

There is a widespread assumption and belief that sex is antagonistic or contra-indicated in connection with one’s spiritual practice; that it has nothing to do with “real” Tantra. Furthermore, the implied or frequently openly asserted statement is that sex is bad, dirty, and dangerous; some would go so far as to say, sinful. This orientation of belief is rampant in virtually all major religions, and in virtually in all spiritual disciplines.

Tantra is often assumed to be an exception to this, but there is an attempt to marginalize those who incorporate sacred sexual practices into their spiritual practice as “not practicing real Tantra.” Some therefore refer to Tantra practices including sacred sexuality, as Neo (new) Tantra, presumably reserving Tantra for the “correct” spiritual approach, whatever that might be. This is an extremely unfortunate (although sincere and well-intentioned) bias, and is incorrect. In fact the problem is not too much sex, but rather the repression of it.

The repression of sex leads to a twisted, dirty, dangerous and selfish sexuality. Any basic human need that is repressed will not go away, it will simply go “underground,” being pushed into the dark shadow of our deeper consciousness (where we put everything else that we don’t understand and are afraid of), only to erupt at times in ways that tend to be selfish, addictive, sleezy, dirty, dangerous and violent. Of course this is the reason why there is so much fear around this absolutely powerful natural organic energy. More . . .