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Super Sex: Kama Sutra and More

"Al and Pala teach couples how to have the best sex of their lives."
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Sex is good. Pleasure is good
. It is almost guaranteed that if you are regularly giving and receiving pleasure and having great sex with someone you love, that you will be a happy person.

If you are going to be good at something, sex is a good thing to be good at. Why settle for being an average lover when with a bit of guidance, direction and learning, you could be a great one? When couples get the sex right, most of the other problems they have to deal with become much more manageable. Most people can handle any stress as long as they are regularly receiving the nourishment of sensual and sexual touching.

Having orgasms, including multiple orgasms (men and women) is one of the best ways to feel good about yourself, to gain personal confidence, to give your immune system a super boost, to unlock your creativity, to know absolutely without a doubt that you are accepted, desired and wanted; that you belong in this world, to feel completely comfortable in your own skin, to be full of energy, passion and enthusiasm for living.

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Learn to become a superlative lover with our extensive articles, audios, and videos about all sorts of lovemaking techniques and practices. In the privacy of your home and at your own pace you can explore the ancient secrets of the Kama Sutra with our Kama Sutra Home Study Course. Remember to check with our Featured Experts too!

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A Cornucopia of Orgasms

Women have a remarkable capacity for sexual pleasure. They can experience any number of many types of orgasm: clitoral orgasms, vaginal orgasms, ejaculatory orgasms, whole body orgasms, energy orgasms. Orgasms come in varying degrees of intensity, physical focus and duration. They can be a pleasurable little tingle or a body/mind/soul explosion. Some last for seconds, others minutes or even hours. While often stemming from genital stimulation, orgasms need not be confined to the genitals alone. Indeed as the following list of some types of orgasm shows—orgasms are available all over!

While there are disagreements about trying to describe or classify other types of orgasm that women experience, just about everyone, including good old Dr. Freud and pioneer sexologists Masters and Johnson, agrees that women can experience orgasm through clitoral stimulation. Stroking or massaging your clitoris—whose essential function is sexual pleasure—with fingers, vibrators, tongues, flowing water and any thing else that may come to mind, can lead to orgasm. For many women this is the easiest way to come.  More . . .

Three Types of Orgasm for Men

When the Prince of Wales, later to be King Edward VII, said to his mistress, Lily Langtry, during a quarrel, that "I've spent enough on you to buy a battleship," she replied, "And you've spent enough in me to float one."

Ejaculation Orgasm

You have probably been regularly experiencing the pleasure of ejaculation since early adolescence. During an orgasm accompanied by ejaculation, a man’s whole body tenses while contractions of the prostate gland vigorously propel semen out the tip of the penis in a forceful shooting stream. For a few seconds there is intense pleasure, restricted almost exclusively to the genitals. Almost immediately (usually within one or two minutes) the erection subsides and a refractory (recovery) period sets in.

The entire body relaxes (not just the penis) and most men experience a complete loss of interest in further sexual activity. Sleepiness also commonly follows an ejaculation. How long it takes before energy (capacity for another erection) and libido (sexual desire) are restored depends on the man’s age, health, and frequency of ejaculation. Some younger, stronger men are able to retain an erection in spite of ejaculation by maintaining rapid, continuous thrusting.

No matter how good it feels, repeated ejaculation with its accompanying loss of sexual energy can deplete your body’s strength and vitality, and this is true for even the strongest, most virile males.

Prostate Ejaculation Orgasm

As you practice the techniques presented in this manual you may experience an orgasm with prostate ejaculation. This is noticeably different from a regular ejaculation. More . . .