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Sexy Spiritual Relationships Videos

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Tantra Home Study Course ( 33 ) 
Part of our Tantra Home Study Course, these videos show you how you can become a Tantric lover in 28 days.With a daily practice of only 20 minutes, plus longer lovemaking sessions once per week you'll learn the techniques you need to reach the heights of bliss together.

Tantra Course Preview - Visitors ( 1 ) 
This preview of our Tantra Home Study course gives you a tiny taste of what you`ll learn when you become a premium member and have access to the complete program.

Kama Sutra Home Study Course ( 25 ) 
Part of our Kama Sutra Home Study Course, this video series shows, and tells, how modern lovers can make these ancient love secrets their own. Learn how to do everything from embracing and kissing to caressing and thrusting, the Kama Sutra way.

Kama Sutra Home Study Preview: Visitors ( 1 ) 
Get a sneak peek at our Kama Sutra Home Study Course. You can watch all these videos when you become a Premium Member.

A Woman's Guide to Sex Toys ( 6 ) 
Wondering what sex toy may be right for you? Curious about how to use a sex toy? Interested in knowing the difference between dildos, vibrators, bullets, and g-spot wands? Sex guides Gaia and Atia show you everything you want to know about sex toys, whether you're a novice or a seasoned player.

Oral Sex ( 2 ) 
Oral sex—the sensual gourmet’s favorite feast. Most modern bedmates include it as part of their banquet of love, at least occasionally. And for some, oral sex is more intimate than intercourse. As in all aspects of lovemaking, there's an art to partaking in oral sex that's truly satisfying for both partners. Learn to become an oral sex expert!

Massage ( 2 ) 
Massages are easy to do as well as fun to give and receive. Use them to relax, invigorate, heal, and arouse. You can massage your lover’s whole body, or focus on specific parts, with a lingam or vulva massage for example. You’ll get some great ideas with these videos. Take a look at the Kama Sutra course videos too, for more massage techniques.

Sexual Kung Fu – Loren Johnson ( 13 ) 
Loren Johnson has been a student of Taoist master Mantak Chia for many years. In these videos he shares with you some of the Sexual Kung Fu techniques drawn from Taoist and Tantric sacred sexuality practices.

Ask Al and Pala About Sacred Sex ( 8 ) 
Al and Pala talk about sacred sex: what it is, how they do it, how you can do it too.

Sex Positions with Liberator Shapes ( 66 ) 
Aids for a modern day "Kama Sutra"...The comfort of Liberator Shapes makes your everyday positions better and your fantasy positions a reality. Watch how these fun, sturdy shapes can spice up your sex life.

Heart Talk ( 7 ) 
The Heart Talk is a simple, powerful communication process that helps you fix relationship problems. With it you can break through barriers and create the loving relationship you deserve.

Enlightenment ( 7 ) 
This material is free to us so it is free to you - for visitors and members. All over the world, more and more people are experiencing the enlightened state of being, some for a few moments or hours, others every day for the rest of their time on this plane. Get inspired!

Sexy Jokes and Humor ( 12 ) 
This material is free to us, so it is free to you - for visitors and members. What's not to like about having a good laugh out loud? Enjoy. Lighten up. Laughing does wonders for your libido!