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Sexy Spiritual Relationships Affiliate


Become a Sexy Spiritual Relationships Affiliate and earn up to 50% commissions on memberships and product sales! 

Join our Affiliate ProgramAs a Sexy Spiritual Relationships affiliate, you'll have the ability to sell unlimited memberships to Sexy Spiritual Relationships and earn up to 50% commission for each membership sold. You'll also earn commissions on selected products, like electronic books produced by Al Link and Pala Copeland.


Earn 40% on every membership or product sale that originates through your website.  

Ours is a two-tier system, so you'll also earn commissions on membership sales that originate with anyone who becomes an affiliate under you.

Earn 10% on every membership or product sale that comes from affiliates you sponsor.


Everyone is eligible to be an Affiliate -- you do not have to be a member to join this program.

But remember, in order to access all the site's contents you must be a member. So, you can be an Affiliate who is a member or an Affiliate who is not, either way you can earn big commissions! 

Fill in the registration form below to join the Sexy Spiritual Relationships Affiliate Program. You will be sent an email asking you to confirm your subscription. Then we'll show you how to:

    • access your terrific promotional tools,
    • administer your account,
    • and track your statistics.

Be sure to review the Affiliate Program Terms and Conditions.

Important: If you are already a member, make sure to log in before you sign up for the Affiliate Program.

Benefits of Becoming an Affiliate
  • Commissions are recurring

  • Earn 40% every month on monthly subscriptions

  • Earn a recurring 10% on every monthly subscription that comes from affiliates you've sponsored

  • Earn 40% for an annual subscription

  • Earn 10% on an annual subscription that comes from affiliates you`ve sponsored

  • 40% and 10% commissions apply to selected products in our Store too

  • For example 40% direct commission earns you $3.98 on a $9.95 electronic book by Al Link and Pala Copeland

  • Plus, earn 10% on product sales from affiliates you sponsor

  • Easy administration and detailed tracking

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