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Kama Sutra Home Study Course Preview

Positions: Simplest Man On Top Poses

Positions - Man on Top - Simplest Poses: When the Kama Sutra was written (about 400 CE), men were considered to be connected to the sky, women to the earth. And so, during lovemaking, man on top positions were deemed part of the natural order. They were the favored and most numerous poses. This clip showcases the easiest man on top poses, from the tender “Clasping Supine” to the rollicking “Crab”. Try them all!

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The Kama Sutra Home Study Course


Kama Sutra Home Study Course Sometime during the fourth century C.E. a Hindu scholar named Vatsyayana gathered and edited the works of many ancient sages and produced what has become the world’s best known manual of love: the Kama Sutra. The title Kama Sutra can be roughly translated as “Love Verses”. Sutra is the Sanskrit word for short verse or aphorism. Kama means love, affection, romance, and desire and pertains to the body, the senses, and sexual and emotional relationships. It includes the world of art, music, and refined living.


Kama – God of Love

Kama was one of the three great aims of Hindu life: Dharma (duty and virtue), Artha (possessions, property, and earning an income) and Kama. Doing one’s absolute best to fulfill the responsibilities of each of these aims could lead to realisation of the fourth aim, Moksha, liberation from the cycle of death and rebirth. All these elements of living were supposed to be present and in balance. As Vatsyayana said, a man practicing Dharma, Artha, and Kama enjoys happiness both in this world and in the world to come.” (I-2)

Learn the arts of love

Because Kama was important, becoming an expert in the arts of love and relationships was considered an essential part of everyone’s education. Young men learned their skills during their formal classes. Young women, who didn’t go to school, were taught by their married sisters, aunts, or nannies. Both were expected to be celibate during their learning years, but when they got married they’d have the skills needed to create a satisfying lifelong union.

In compiling the Kama Sutra, Vatsyayana went into great detail about wide-ranging aspects of relationships between the sexes. Many of the social customs he discussed, like the roles of multiple wives and how to handle courtesans, are no longer relevant today. But, the lovemaking techniques are indeed timeless and it’s these that we focus on in this home study program.

There’s More to Sex than Intercourse

Kama Sutra

Although sex seems all pervasive in the 21st century (it’s used to reward, manipulate, and sell) there’s unfortunately astrong love-hate relationship with sexuality in general. Sex is misunderstood and improperly taught. Many people subscribe to what we like to call the “Bill Clinton view of sex,” meaning that if it doesn’t include intercourse, it’s not sex. Getting to orgasm and getting there through intercourse are what it’s ultimately about. This limited view often results in lovemaking that’s all too brief and barely satisfying.

With this home study program you’ll discover that intercourse is only part of Kama Sutra sex. Vatsyayana stressed that when it comes to lovemaking, what happens before and after is just as important as what goes on during. Lovers employ more than just physical skills like kissing and caressing. They also know how to set the mood and engage in loving conversation. You’ll learn about all this and more in this fantastic series.

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Home Study Course Outline:

Each section includes articles, audio and video.

Part 1: Setting the Scene

  • Article: Setting the Scene
  • Audio: In the Mood for Love
  • Videos:
    •   Embraces – Flirtatious Four
    •   Embraces – Amorous Advances
    •   Embraces – Suvarnanabha’s Clasping Body Bits

Part 2: Foreplay for Sure

  • Article: All About Making Out
  • Audio: Time For Love
  • Videos:
    • Blessed Bathing
    • Chaste Kisses
    • Challenging Kisses
    • Special Kisses

Part 3: The Sensual Nutrition of Massage

  • Article: Relax, Stimulate, Arouse, Heal
  • Audio: The Fine Fun Art of Rubs and Tugs
  • Videos:
    • Relaxing Massage
    • Erotic Massage
    • Perineum Massage

Part 4: Erotic Inflamers

  • Article: Fierceness, Not Violence
  • Audio: Scratch Mine, I'll Scratch Yours
  • Videos:
    • Scratches
    • Love Taps
    • Bites

Part 5: Oral Sex

  • Article: Oral Sex the Kama Sutra Way
  • Audio: All About Dining Out
  • Videos:
    • Kokila
    • Oral Sex for Him: Fellatio
    • Oral Sex for Her: Cunnilingus

Part 6: Introducing Kama Sutra Positions

  • Article: How Many Ways Can I Love You?
  • Audio: Hearts Wide Open
  • Videos
    • Man On Top Simplest Positions
    • Man On Top Challenging Positions

Part 7: More Positions

  • Article: In the Heart of the Fire
  • Audio: Peaks, Valleys, and Staying Power
  • Videos:
    • Woman On Top Positions
    • Sideways Positions
    • Sitting Positions
    • Standing Positions

Part 8: Romp on The Wild Side

  • Article: Fast and Deep
  • Audio: Building Excitement
  • Videos:
    • Rear Entry Positions
    • Thrusting Rhythms

Part 9: Afterplay

  • Article: Sensual Nutrition
  • Audio: The Second Fire
  • Video: Afterplay


Other onsite resources to supplement your home study course:

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Complete Idiot's Guide to Supercharged Kama Sutra

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