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Tantra Home Study Course

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Tantric and Taoist sacred sex practices date back as far as 6,000 years in India and China. Now modern lovers are benefiting from these amazing techniques. We teach these secrets at our world-renowned weekend retreats. But, not everyone can come to us! So we've created a clear, easy-to-follow, at-home program for you. It includes the complete text of our published book 28 Days to Ecstasy for Couples: Tantra Step by Step. Plus we've added more than 100 photo illustrations and 35 original videos so you can learn easily at your own pace, from the comfort of your own home.

Our Tantra Home Study Course will enable you to graduate from ordinary sex to ecstatic sex within as little as one month. Open the door to the most astonishing states of awakened awareness; high energy states of altered consciousness–all the way to Enlightenment for Two™.

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We give you a detailed 28 day plan with step by step instructions for simple, fun to do activities that will strengthen your relationship and intensify your sexual/spiritual connection. The exercises are quite short—from 1 to 30 minutes. On average you’ll spend no more than 20 minutes per day on your sacred loving practice.  Once per week there are longer lovemaking periods in which you reap great delights from the skills you’ve been learning.  

We’ve endeavored to present the exercises so that it’s compellingly easy for you to take action. When you've completed your 28 day program, you'll also find guidelines and activities for carrying on your Tantric practice over the course of your life together.


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Getting Started

Begin with the introductory articles, they'll set the scene for you -- giving you the context, some background, and an overview of what to expect physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.


Beginning Your Practice

Then, when you're ready, dive into the 28 day plan of exercises, in both written form and with the supporting videos. Ideally, you'll be able to carry on for 28 consecutive days, but the world has a way of getting in between even the best of intentions, so we've also provided instructions on what to do when your practice is interrupted, so you can learn at your own pace.


Tantra Home Study Course Overview

Week One

In this first week of practice you’ll learn the basic components of Tantric lovemaking skills: relaxation, focus, conscious breath, PC Pumping, loving connection.

Week Two                 

You’ll build on and refine the basic skills you learned in Week One. You’ll also focus on becoming more fully aware of your body and its responses, particularly through your sense of touch.

Week Three              

You’ll be learning about building a high energy charge and how to move it through your body with visualization, sound, and movement.

Week Four                 

You’ll continue building your energy and begin learning to circulate it with your partner. WooHoo!


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Continuing Your Practice

An amazing and appealing aspect of Tantric practice is that ,while you will notice a difference in your lovemaking right away, you can continue to learn and grow for years to come. So, after you've completed your 28 days of training we offer you additional activities to keep your lovelife and your spiritual life ever new and expanding.


 What Couples Say about our Tantra Home Study Course

 “You have created a beautifully detailed, thoroughly thought out guide to ecstasy that will change people’s lives forever.”

“We found the instructions to be clear and easy to follow.”

“Excellent work! We feel this is what committed couples need to keep the passion alive in their relationship.”





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