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Sex Problems Al and Pala can help YOU with. . .


Sex Issues: Sexual Skill, Premature Ejaculation, Erectile Dysfunction, Inability to have Orgasms, Sexless Marriage


Relationship Challenges: No Romance, Can’t Communicate, Passion is Gone, Make a Good Relationship Great


Spiritual Questions: Grow Spiritually as a Couple, What is Enlightenment, Combine Sex and Spirit


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Four Main Sexy Spiritual Relationships Themes

Super Sex Kama Sutra

Sacred Sex Tantra Taoist

Relationship Happiness


Sex Relationships Audiobooks

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Are you stuck at the level of ordinary sex?

YOU can learn how to create these three exceptional kinds of sex!

FRICTION SEX in which bodies rubbing against each other with lusty pleasure and passionate desire come to true satisfaction.
Discovery Channel Sex Series

lover fantasy

"An experience I should have had many years ago. I would have had a much happier life and marriage." Ted

"What a fabulous re-awakening for a 35 year marriage. My husband has become the lover I fantasize about. The passion has been re-ignited." Lidia

ENERGY SEX in which you go beyond physical pleasure to blissful heart opening; giving and receiving sublime, safe, ecstatic love.

sex relationships

Pala and Al "reveal the true mystery of sex and how to explore its nature. Through their vibrancy and openness Pala and Al convey all that is good about intimate relationships from celebrating difference to the ecstasy of the energetic sexual connection."

Dr. Patricia Rockman, BA, M.D., CCFP - Toronto

SOUL SEX in which the boundaries that normally separate you from each other dissolve completely. You cannot tell where one body ends and the other begins. You find yourself wondering, "Whose orgasm was that anyway?" In soul sex, two merge to become one. This is sexual/spiritual ecstasy; the reuniting of sex and spirit, heaven and earth.

Sexual Pleasures

"Now we have the tools to enjoy the spiritual aspects of sexual pleasures."


loving relationship

"Our eyes have been opened to a new way of loving."

Joe and Anastasia

Watch a short preview about sexual energy in lovemaking:



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Relationship Happiness

Creating love that lasts a lifetime together is the gold in the Olympics of life. And, although it's an unusual accomplishment, relationship happiness is not that difficult to create. You do need to learn a few things, and perhaps unlearn a few other things, but of course you can do this. Anyone who really wants to learn how to be in a relationship that satisfies through and through and lasts a lifetime, can do so.

Sexy Spiritual Relationships offers a selection of tools, practices, techniques and methods with which you will, together, in loving partnership, construct your relationship arc, a sanctuary, a solid foundation from which you can engage the outside world; feeling safe, secure and confident regardless of the challenges you face in your work, community, and extended family.

Create love for a lifetime

"...I considered my marriage a very good one. Al and Pala showed me that a good marriage can become great and a great one can become greater."


Save your marriage

"My husband and I separated after almost 9 years of marriage in July 2007. After agreeing to attempt to work things out, we went to several sessions of marriage counseling only to come out of each session feeling more isolated and miserable.

Pala and Al have shown us how to love more effectively and communicate on a much higher and more positive level than any of our counseling sessions. "They may actually be the sole saviors of our marriage with the guidance and tools given."


Super Sex: Secrets of the Kama Sutra

Sex is good. Pleasure is good. If you are regularly giving and receiving pleasure and having great sex with someone you love, it's almost a certainty that you'll be a happy person.

Having orgasms, including multiple orgasms (men and women) is one of the best ways to feel good about yourself, to gain personal confidence, to give your immune system a super boost, to unlock your creativity, to feel completely comfortable in your own skin, to be full of energy, passion and enthusiasm for living. You deserve it. You can have it!

Women: discover the many different types of orgasm available to you and learn to experience all of them.

Men: master your ejaculation response so that you can last and last and give her all the pleasure she wants, while you get plenty of your own.

great sex

"We laughed, we cried, we had great sex! It's heartening to know that people this full of life still exist in the world and are willing to teach and share love of everything with others. WOOO-HOOO!"

Maria and Jason

Sacred Sex: A Mature Adult Spiritual Sex

For over 20 years Pala and Al have used their relationship as their spiritual practice and the primary form of that practice has been sacred sex (Tantric and Taoist). Tantra is a unique spiritual path because it insists that direct personal experience with the Divine -- knowing that you are God/Goddess-Shiva/Shakti, merging ultimately with the Creator -- enlightenment, is possible for ordinary men and women who have the courage to commit to each other, and undertake learning how to create love for a lifetime together.

On the Tantric spiritual path, you do not escape the body and the world. The body and ordinary reality are not your enemies, but rather your freedoms. In Tantra you use your body, mind, heart and soul, as well as the entire world known to you through your faculties of perceiving, feeling and thinking, as important, essential and necessary tools to help you remember who you really are, to remember your divine nature, to awaken and to realize enlightenment.

Enlightenment for Two™ - Your Ultimate Destination

Through this website we're reaching out to the world with the good news: Enlightenment for Two™ can be for you. We'll do everything we can to share with you (accurately, simply and with humility) the story of our spiritual quest and our realization of illumination. We'll share with you:

  1. what enlightenment is and our personal account of the experience;

  2. methods we use that we believe are significant in helping us on our path to awakening;

  3. specific actions and exercises to help you awaken to your own experience of enlightenment.

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"Al and Pala have given us a glimpse into bliss and ecstasy available to all. They have connected the divine and sexuality in their living. Their work is an extension and demonstration of the love force that is present to and within us all. With excellence, care and commitment they share their love and equip others with tools to enhance their relationship with themselves, God and their partners. Theirs is a quest for spiritual enlightenment through sexuality that promotes wholesome healthy and divine living." Reverend Gary A. Williams

"I found another part of myself; who could have imagined me-a sexual/spiritual being all in one? My heart has been expanded. The movement toward oneness has accelerated. So profound so right. Connection to my lover. Spirit sex energy love. Now it's starting to make sense. Sacred sex-an absolute. Finding myself is fun and I can't stop talking about our awakening we're practicing and it's Grea........at!!!!! We are traveling to heights we were previously unaware." Greta

Relationships Happiness

This path to enlightenment is unique because two people make the journey together.

Enlightenment does not have to be something you do alone.

Spiritual Quest

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Why Should You Pay Attention to What We Teach?

From spontaneous mystical experience all the way to enlightenment; we have gone the whole distance. Wouldn't you rather learn from someone who has done it, who has actually been there, who actually walks the talk?

Tantra Teachers

Al and Pala have been practicing Tantra sacred sex since 1987. We started on this spiritual path when we had a spontaneous mystical experience during extended lovemaking. As we became very still and quiet, an energetic current began to course through our bodies bringing superb, sublime physical pleasure from head to toe. Simultaneous with that ecstatic pleasure was an awareness of no boundaries between our physical bodies. We merged as one. In an instant our consciousness expanded out to infinity. We merged with all and everything.

Awaken spiritually

Pala and Al share an "infectious enthusiasm for love, life, and sexuality."


Inspired and excited, we searched for other reports about similar experiences and discovered Tantric and Taoist sacred sex practices dating back thousands of years in India and China. We began to apply the teachings of those spiritual systems and sacred sex became our hobby. After approximately 10 years of continuous practice, we had experienced such a profound spiritual awakening and a flourishing of our loving relationship, that we decided to share what we had learned with others. We offered our first workshops late in 1997 and have been teaching and writing continuously since then. This is what we do full time both in our living together and in our work.

Sexual secrets

"...you combine both sexual intimacy and relationship information to make a complete connection between couples."

Michelle and Ryan

Twenty years later, in January 2008, Al was graced with an experience of enlightenment. Within minutes he made a direct transmission to Pala. This demonstrates that Tantric sacred sexuality practices are an authentic spiritual path leading to illumination. We refer to our unique spiritual path as Enlightenment for Two™.

Al and Pala's Books, Videos and CDs

Sex techniques

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* Relationship Happiness: Create the relationship you long for and deserve with our simple step-by-step system.

* Enlightenment for Two™: We've experienced the state of enlightened liberation. You can too! Find the guidance you want on your path to awakening.

Complete Kama Sutra Home Study Course

Kama Sutra Home Study Course

25 Original Videos and 9 original audios teach you secrets of the Kama Sutra, first published over 1,600 years ago. We also provide complete textual instructions, adapted from our published book, The Complete Idiot's Guide to Supercharged Kama Sutra, for all aspects of the art of love as taught in the Kama Sutra.

  • Foreplay
  • Sensual Embraces: Kissing, Touching, Biting and Slapping
  • Sexual Intercourse Positions
  • After-play

Kama Sutra Gallery

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Complete Tantra Home Study Course

Tantra Sex Home Study Course

Tantric and Taoist sacred sex spiritual practices date back as far as 6,000 years in India and China. The complete text of our published book 28 Days to Ecstasy for Couples: Tantra Step by Step, is serialized. All the steps and activities over the course of the 28 days are fully illustrated with more than 35 original videos. This course will enable any couple to graduate from ordinary sex to ecstatic sex within as little as one month. Open the door for you both to experience the most astonishing states of awakened awareness; high energy states of altered consciousness; all the way to Enlightenment for Two™.

Tantra workshop

"We tried everything they suggested! Everything worked! Each day we moved onto another level."

Ros and Paul

Tantra Home Study Course

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Sexy Spiritual Relationships

featured experts

Gain access to and learn from some of the finest, most talented professional experts from around the world, not just Al and Pala. Let these experts share with you how to enjoy a Sexy Spiritual Relationship for a lifetime of happiness.

featured experts

featured experts

featured experts

More expert partners are joining us constantly. All these teachers share their insights and experience with you. Get the knowledge and wisdom of the world at your fingertips by joining now.

Sexy Spiritual Relationships FORUMS

Enlightenment Dialogue Feeback People Spirit

Meet others. Express your thoughts, your experiences, your dreams with like-minded souls. Find people who share your point of view. As a member you can participate in our forums, with topics like:

Pleasure Practices

Enlightenment Experiences

Reuniting Sex and Spirit

Passionate Relationships

Create your own discussion topics. You've got ideas and life experiences that will benefit others. And you'll get feedback that will help you grow too.

Through our "Feedback" forum we invite you to tell us what you want from the site. What do you like about it? What can we do to make it better? We want to evolve with you and give you the best experience we can.

The Heart Talk Video Book

Open your hearts! Each time they close, open again, over and over as often as needed. Seven original videos with complete instructions. Solve any relationship problem you have, regardless of how serious it seems, how long it has persisted, or how impossible you might believe a solution to be. "Love and wisdom together can solve any problem."

Tantra Sex Home Study Course

tantric journey

"Pala and Al, thank you for a most precious gift of knowledge and wisdom along with experiences that we will carry for the rest of our exciting lives together, always knowing there will be surprises that await us in this Tantric lifelong journey."

Liz and Jack

loving heart

"...a wonderful way to reconnect with my wife and move forward in our loving open hearted journey."


relationship happiness

"I feel a strong shift in my psyche and even my heart seems to be allowing subtle openings which weren't there before..."


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Super Sex - Kama Sutra with Liberator Shapes

56 sizzling hot explicit videos showing you how to combine the sexual practices taught in the Kama Sutra with Liberator Shapes Bedroom Adventure Gear.

Liberator Shape


The complete contents of Pala's published Apertio: Tantra Energy Meditations CD including the 16 minute Sexual Fire Breath active meditation.

Apertio Meditation

Radio Interviews with Al and Pala

Listen to over 20 hours of radio interviews with Al and Pala offering guidance and instruction on relationship happiness, sacred sex, and spiritual awakening.

Classics: Full Texts

Read the full text of many spiritual and sexuality classics including some of the most inspiring and erotic poetry ever written. Here is a partial list:

Classic Books

The Upanishads: The Indian classic that to this day sets the standard against which all spiritual teaching is measured.

The Crest-Jewel of Wisdom by Sankaracharya: The Indian classic offering clear and precise instructions for awakening to full enlightenment.

The Complete Works of Florence Scovel Shinn: Florence was the pioneer in the use of affirmations, the essence of all positive thinking. Louise Hay learned from Florence.

Songs of Kabir : Over 100 of Kabir's Mystical Spiritual Poems. Astonishing.

Cosmic Consciousness by Richard M. Bucke: The classic survey of enlightened human beings by the famous Canadian Psychiatrist.

Mark Twain's scathingly satirical, and outrageously funny, Letters From The Earth

Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill: The classic manual for creating abundance in all areas of your life. All the others are imitations, including The Secret.

Kahlil Gibran's The Prophet: Gentle, Inspiring, Incredibly Beautiful Wisdom Poetry

The Love Books of Ovid: Some of the most memorable erotic adventures ever written.

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All Good Things
Al and Pala

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Sex Problems

Sex Advice

Sex stories


tantra expert

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BONUS 1: Al and Pala's Sexy Package

Tantra and Kama Sutra Sex Positions with Liberator Shapes
eBook by Al Link and Pala Copeland

This is a big classy eBook with 160 pages, and more than 100 gorgeous, explicit color photos of couples illustrating all the sexual intercourse positions in the Kama Sutra and other ancient sex guides. We sell a ton of these for $9.95!

Soul Sex: Tantra for Two,
(Excerpts eBook) by Al Link and Pala Copeland

This is a big excerpt with over 65 pages! This was our first published book. We have now published 4 books. That's us on the cover, 2003!

BONUS 2: Alan Densky's Hypnosis Package

There are certain issues that come up repeatedly to spoil great lovemaking. They are obesity (or just being overweight), lack of self confidence associated with appearance, low energy states of feeling bad about yourself, and excessive consumption of recreational drugs including tobacco and alcohol.

Alan Densky is a master at helping people overcome and permanently remove these blocks. Once removed with the help of these three eBooks, you will be empowered to create a sustainable passionate sexuality.

How to Use Hypnosis to Lose Weight, Look Good and Feel Great, eBook by Alan Densky

How to Use Hypnosis to Quit Smoking, eBook by Alan Densky

Hypnosis: Who It Will Work for and Why It Will Work for Them, eBook by Alan Densky

BONUS 3: The Sir Richard Burton Classic Trilogy

Kama Sutra Richard Burton, of course, was the great British soldier, spy, global explorer for the National Geographic Society, and erotic explorer of ancient practices of Eastern sexuality. He first brought the Kama Sutra to the West when he founded the famous secret Kama Shastra Society.

The Kama Sutra
The Ananga Ranga
The Perfumed Garden

All three are complete original manuscripts.

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